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Determine What You Need: Obtain a Drug or Alcohol Assessment

At Evergreen Recovery Centers, we understand the first step in the treatment process is a comprehensive assessment that will help you determine the extent of your alcohol or drug problem and to find appropriate treatment options.

In addition to assisting individuals and their families evaluate different treatment options we can also provide DUI assessments for Family & Drug courts as well as Children’s Protective Services (CPS).

At Evergreen Recovery Centers our evaluations include an assessment and one or more research-based evaluative tools. Further interviews and an alcohol/drug screening may also be used to further evaluate the level of problem and the appropriate course of care.

If an assessment is needed for a legal proceeding, a copy of the criminal defense history will be required. To expedite the process, patients must bring the criminal defense history to their assessment appointment.

Based on the results of the interview and evaluative tools, findings and recommendations for treatment will be carefully explained and  patients will be given treatment choices and referral assistance.

If you or a family member needs an alcohol or drug assessment call (425) 493 – 5310 to schedule an assessment today!

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