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Medical Withdrawal Managment and Detox Service

Evergreen Recovery Centers’ Detox facility offers hope and options for persons withdrawing from alcohol and/or other drugs. Evergreen’s patients are treated with the attention and respect they deserve in a safe, confidential, caring environment with additional support for continued treatment and recovery.

Is Detox Needed?

Often rapid decrease or abrupt discontinuation of addictive substances that have been used over a period of time can create physical and emotional distress in the body. Withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines can have life-threatening consequences, and admission to a medically supervised detox facility is generally recommended for these substances in paticular. Withdrawal from opiates, although not life-threatening, can be made more tolerable with medically supervised care. Evergreen Recovery Centers medically trained staff are available 24-hours a day to:

  1. Assist  individuals while safely and humanely withdraw from mood-altering substances.
  2. Prepare the individual for ongoing treatment
Affordable Care

Evergreen Recovery Centers accepts Medicaid and private insurance. No patient will be refused for inability to pay. We will  assist all persons currently without health insurance enroll during the Evergreen admissions process. Please note, regional patients will be given priority if beds become limited.

What to Expect

Our medically supervised Detox Program is staffed 24-hours a day by ARNPs, RNs, chemical dependency counselors and other addiction specialists. We have a non-smoking facility. Smokers will be provided with nicotine replacement patches during their stay. A course of detox includes:

  • Apple Health plan enrollment (if low income and not insured)
  • Medical oversight, including withdrawal medications
  • Nicotine replacement patches for smokers
  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Drug, alcohol, and health screening and information
  • Counseling and recovery support services
  • Discharge planning and treatment coordination

Medical withdrawal management requires a minimum of 5-6 days, with extended stays as clinically appropriate. Patients may bring with them personal medications that are non-narcotic, physician-prescribed and in the original container with the individual’s name and appropriate labeling and are approved by the attending health care practitioner.

Plan for Treatment after Detox

The highest rate of recovery and continued abstinence is achieved when detoxification is followed by a full course of substance abuse treatment. Therefore, we encourage persons seeking recovery to arrange a full course of treatment prior to admission to our detox facility.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about our programs for drug and alcohol detox, or would like to speak with one of our nurses, please contact us.

Detoxification Admission

To inquire about bed availability, please call (425) 258-3255

  • We may be unable to provide immediate admission due to high demand for the limited number of beds but, in that case, we will discuss options.
  • If a bed is immediately available, a nurse will complete a prescreening assessment with you and arrange an admission time. The nurse will also advise you of items you may bring to detox and what items will not be allowed. If no beds are immediately available, the staff will advise you of the next steps to take.
  • To enhance patient care, we stagger admissions throughout the day but will not hold a bed if you do not show at your scheduled time.
  • Length of stay is typically 5 to 6 days, so plan accordingly. If you have a treatment admission date, let us know so we can coordinate your detox admission with the admission date for treatment.
No Visitors or Calls

Focusing on you, without any outside distractions, is of utmost importance during detoxification. Therefore, cell phones, personal phone calls, and visitation are not allowed.

No Smoking

Our campus is smoke-free, so smokers will be given the option of nicotine patches.

Confidential Care

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and confidentiality is strictly upheld by all staff members during your stay. We will not release any information to anyone, including family members, without a signed authorization to release information.

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